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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Survival of the fittest....

We did it - survived the two week Easter break! I feel like a big pat on the back is due as it was a fortnight that saw a birthday, a 10 year wedding anniversary, a major press announcement for a client and two little boys with endless energy and curiosity!

When it comes to juggling my career and my family I do have it pretty 'easy' - being self employed I can set my own schedule. However, whilst I don't have a 'boss' to keep happy I do have clients and colleagues. I joined a new networking group over the holiday period and have got some exciting new leads for projects - one of the members presumed I didn't have children as I'd attended a meeting in the school holidays....she was quite impressed when I said I in fact did have small people at home.

To grow a successful business it is impossible to down tools completely for the 13 weeks a year when the children are at home - I'm lucky that my boys are sociable and sporty so booking them onto some courses in the holidays isn't a big deal. It allows me to keep everyone happy and it is completely without dread that I look forward to the 6-week summer break which isn't too far around the corner!

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